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Velour Soothing Shampoo 250 ML

Price €18.00

Medavita Velour Shampoo Soothing is a specific detergent for sensitive skin,formulated to restore skin balance and relieve irritating states and redness. The cleansing of the skin and hair will be extremely delicate and will give animmediate feeling ofrelief..The hair will thus be healthier and brighter..

Relaxing Legs Gel 150 ML

Price €15.00

Spa treatment for the well-being of tired and swollen legs. It is a fresh and light gel that reduces the sense of heaviness, bringing an immediate feeling of relief and freshness to tired legs after an intense day. It absorbs easily and does not a noge. Contains Thermal Water, Devil's Claw, Rosemary Extracts, Horse Chestnut, Mint, and Asian Centella.

Elchim 8th Sense Plate

Price €195.00

PROFESSIONAL ERGONOMICS: Rounded in every part and easy to hold and use throughout the day without getting tired.DOES NOT STRESS THE HAIR: 11 temperatures (from 95° to 235°C) to adapt the plate to every type of hair, from the strongest to the most delicate.LIMITLESS STYLING: Tilting and perfectly rounded platelets to create waves, soft bushings or a...

Elchim 8th Sense Copper...

Price €160.00

There are 8 types of hair and each needs a specific airflow and temperature. 8thSense and the first hair dryer-style modeller that fits all eight hair typesElectronic temperature and air speed acceleratorAc professional long-life enginePower: 300 - 2100W _ 220 - 240VHairdryer

Nutrisubstance Elisir...

Price €25.00

Medavita Nutrisubstance Elisir Nutrilluminante is an illuminating and high-nutrient elixir that immediately gives light to the hair without leavingresidue, thanks to its light texture. The hair will immediately appear silky and even the split tips smoothed..the Nutrilluminante Elixir ofMedavitais also suitable for particularly crespi and...

Hot Shot Touch Lacquer 250 ml

Price €11.00

Medium strong seal spray. Professional spray for medium strong fastening hair. It gives structure to the hair. It protects against moisture and frizz without weighing down. can be reworked while drying quickly. How to use it spray as much as necessary from at least 20-30 cm. Reapply for more tightness. Enveloping scent creamy note of whipped cream...

Amazonia Perfumed Repairing...

Price €25.00

Orofluido Amazonia Repairing Balm 100 ml is a conditioner for damaged or weak hair. Enriched with keratin protein, theproduct helps repair and fortify the hair fiber, sealing cuticles. The hair will turn out to be more full-bodied andbrighter, without weighing it down.+Orofluido Amazonia Scented Body Cream 175 ml is a luxurious conditioning...