List of products by brand INTERCOSMO

Passion for color, for its expressive power, for its ability to create style and elegance. Innovation that grows in accordance with company principles, made in Italy values.

Not only does the Customer find INTERCOSMO reliable partner with high-quality products in the world, but he finds a world built entirely around him.

Colorbeauty Mask 250 ML

Price €9.00

INTERCOSMO Color&Shine Colorbeauty MaskMask that provides nourishment and hydration to counteract the dryness and fragility of colored hair.With UVA/UVB and Rosa Mosqueta filter. Untangles and adds brightness.

Repair Mask 250 ML

Price €9.00

Restorative mask whose formula contains hydrolyzed keratin that nourishes and makes the hair soft. The result: docile hair that is easy to manage. The Repair system is a complex formed by hydrolyzed keratin with protective properties, which gives brilliance and naturalness to the hair, panthenol that offers softness and hydration and a cationic polymer...

Repair Shampoo 300 ML

Price €9.00

Rich in hydrolyzed keratin, ideal for damaged, brittle hair and weakened shampoo. Gently cleanses and strengthens the hair fiber. The repair system is a mixture of hydrolyzed keratin with protective properties that provides shine to the hair and, of course, panthenol providing softness and hydration, and a cationic polymer creates a film about hair...

Shampoo & Conditioner 2 in...

Price €9.00

2in1 shampoo with a cleansing and conditioning action. The hair remains clean, soft and silky with the use of only one product, less friction and therefore less discoloration wash after washing.With UVA/UVB filterWith Rosa Mosqueta oil

Supershine Mask 250 ML

Price €9.00

Intensive treatment super nourishing light effect ideal for deeply queering dry, dull, dehydrated and unmanatable hair. Extremely restructuring thanks to plant soy. The SuperShine system is a complex of flaxseeds, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that help nourish and repair hair, bringing extreme brightness and softness and create a protective shield...

Supershine Shampoo 300 ML

Price €9.00

Ideal for fresh and dry hair, with sharp, dehydrated and difficult to comb nutritious shampoo. The SuperShine system is a mixture of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid flax seeds to help clean, nourish and repair hair that provides extreme brightness and softness, creating a shield against moisture, heat and dryer environmental insults.

Volume Shampoo 300 ML

Price €9.00

Volumizing shampoo ideal for brittle hair, which brings volume. Thin hair acquires body, strengthens into the fiber and is docile to the comb. The Volume system is a mixture of hydrolyzed collagen, which returns thickness to each strand, pantenol that protects the hair cuticle and repairs the fiber, and a filmogenic ingredient.

Volume Spray 250 ML

Price €10.00

Volumizing spray without rinsing, ideal for brittle and thin hair, which restores body and volume to hair. It raises the roots for a medium and long-lasting fastening hairstyle, volumizes and gives shine. The hair is docile to the comb and the cuticle is protected from the heat of the technical instruments. The Volume system is a mixture of hydrolyzed...