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Proraso Colonia Natural Spray Wood and Spice 100 ML

  • A masculine scent full of notes of cumin, saffron cedar and guaiacum with hints of amber and vanilla
  • suitable for men of all ages, for day and evening clothing
  • Apply to pulse points and around the neck and shoulders for an eye-catching fragrance
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Strong and velvety top notes meet the delicacy of violet leaves, with spicy accents of cumin and saffron. The heart of cedar and guaiac woods combines with the softness of amber notes. The sweet caress of vanilla leaves a feeling of care, intense and refined.

Usage tips: Dispense by spraying at will on the face.

Dermatologically tested, no parabens, no silicons, no mineral oil, no sls, no artificial color, no animal origin ingredients. Structure of the woody, stimulating, balsamic, enveloping perfume. Men's fragrance, original interpretation of woody and warm fragrances for spicy, sweet and balsamic chords. It winks at feminine fragrances for the shade of violet and the load of vanilla. It begins spicy with the pungent notes of cumin and saffron, develops with a woody, exotic heart of cedar wood and sandalwood. It persists for a long time warmed by vanilla and cistus. Eucalyptus and menthol accord and intensify the balsamic, herbaceous component of the cistus.

Top notes: saffron cumin and violet, middle notes: cedar, guaiac and amber notes of cistus tail, sandalwood and vanilla.

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100 ML

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