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51 Shiny Grey Shampoo 1000 ML

Artègo Good Society Specials 51 Shiny Gray Shampoo is a hair product gray or white , able to eliminate unwanted shades yellow . The use of this shampoo is also recommended on lightened or mechati hair , as it can offer excellent results treatment anti - yellow and make them brighter .

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The Good Society Specials 51 line is recommended for all customers looking for a specific prodotto product to meet their needs. The range includes a shampoo for gray or white hair,a shampoo to use after doing physical activity,a beauty serum and a pre-foldspray. spray

The Shiny Grey shampoo formula is basedon di Sunflower Oil and Glicerin,able to leave hair fluffy, hydrated and intensely bright. capelli Shiny Grey Shampoo is a rewarding experience with a fruity and intoxicating aroma to berries.


Spread over wet hair. Massage gently with a gentle movement of the fingers. Rinse carefully and repeat if necessary.

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1000 ML

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