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L.C. Homme Intensive Anti-Fall Treatment Man 13 Vials x 6 ml

Intensive Adjuvant Treatment in The Prevention of Male Hair loss. Human-specific anti-fall vials contain Serenoa repens, a powerful inhibitor of 5alpha-reductase and the transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone responsible for androgenetic alopecia and related inflammatory states. It has a strongly antioxidant action and increases the flow of the microcirculation, revitalizing the metabolism of the hair bulb and constantly keeping the scalp used and hydrated.

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  • Intensive Adjuvant Treatment in The Prevention of Male Hair loss.
  • Inside each box immediately free of charge for you the new oxygen detox shampoo (150ml) and the new Oxygen detox mask (100ml).
  • Oxygen is Medavita's special detox protocol, which purifies the skin and frees the hair from the residues of smog and pollution, to be carried out once or twice a week, all the more so if you live in highly polluted urban areas such as large cities.
Do not apply just after a technical coloring and/or discoloration service. How to use: After applying Lotion Concentrée Homme Human Fall Shampoo, distribute the lotion directly on the scalp. Exercise a light massage with circular movements. Do not rinse. See the operating instructions inside.

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