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Australian Gold Deviously Black 250 ml

Being diabolical has never been more enjoyable!
Superior instant tans ensure an intense color prolonged by the presence of DHA. Thanks to the exclusive Twisted Skincare Cocktail, infused with wormwood extract, the skin receives moisturizing elements that nourish deeply for an undoubted serity. Hemp seed oil gives brightness for an unforgettablely Deviously Black summer!

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  • An intense tan in the name of dark color that lasts over time. Seductive, soft and hydrated skin. All this thanks to the mixture of Deviously Black that allows you to show off a dark complexto that will not allow you to go unnoticed!
  • 45X Ruthlessly Dark Bronzers: The latest and most powerful blend of natural tans and DHA that provides such an intense color that it makes you envy.
  • Twisted Skincare Cocktail: Delicious blend of Vitamins, Oils and Wormwood Extract to purify, heal and nourish a diabolically smooth skin.
  • Enticing Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp Seed Oil that moisturizes and gives a radiant bronze brightness.
  • Fragrance: Mesmerizing Oasis - Size: 250 ml

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