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Nutrisubstance Elisir Nourishing 100 ML

Medavita Nutrisubstance Elisir Nutrilluminante is an illuminating and high-nutrient elixir that immediately gives light to the hair without leavingresidue, thanks to its light texture. The hair will immediately appear silky and even the split tips smoothed..
the Nutrilluminante Elixir ofMedavitais also suitable for particularly crespi and rebellioushair, making them easily combed and resistant to the fold.. L'

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The hair will be illuminated and the colors revived.
Hidden split tips and all lengths will be easily combable.


  • Shea butter acts as a true beauty nutrient for hair fiber thanks to its moisturizing, nourishing, antioxidant and anti-aging action.
  • Amino Concentrée,a complex of essential amino acids with low molecular weight and very high penetration capacity, which performs an immediate treatment action of selective recomposition of the hair fiber.


Spread a few drops of Elixir on your palm and work well for a few minutes on all lengths focusing more on the tips.

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