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Hairchitecture Body Shampoo 250 ML

Medavita Hairchitecture Body Shampoo is a flat and capelli piatti senza forma shapeless hair cleaner, which brings volume and dynamism to the hair, from the root to the tips.
Its formulation allows to maintain for a long time the level of hydration achieved, an indispensable requirement to obtain voluminous hair.

VAT included


The hair takes shape and volume, also acquiring an optimal level of hydration that does not weigh down the hair.


  • Arctic cotton, remineralizing and protective, is a variety of cotton typical of the tundra of the Nordic countries, with infiorescences with a woolly consistency, which is used in cosmetics for its astringent, detoxifying and calming properties.
  • Amino Concentrée Complex is a complex of essential amino acids with low molecular weight and very high penetration capacity, which performs an immediate treatment action of selective recomposition of the hair fiber.


Distribute evenly over hair and skin massaging.
Rinse carefully.

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250 ml

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