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Rebalancing Sebum-Balancing Shampoo 250 ML

Medavita Requilibre Shampoo Sebum-Balancing is a detergent that fights and cures the types of seborristic skin,responsible for the weakening of the hair. With the regularuse of this shampoo, the fragility of the hair will be reduced and the skin will be free from excess sebum. For a full-bodied, corposa toned and voluminouschoma..

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Forthe Results

Seborrical skin and greasy hair will be gently cleansed and appear more full-bodied, toned and revitalized.


Based on:

  • Ginger,a perennial herbaceous plant native to the Far East, with stimulating and revitalizing effects.
  • Soy,herbaceous plant of the legume family, with its conditioning, structuring, protective, emollient and repairing properties.
  • Red alga,with antibacterial, antimicrobial and soothing properties.


Apply to wet skin.
Massage for 2 minutes using the palm of your hand and fingers.
Rinse thoroughly.

For an optimal result we recommend the use of the entire Requilibre line of Medavita. . and seborronic cuti today there is Requilibre Shampoo Seboequilibrante 1000 ml Medavita, the detergent designed by the brand to regulate the production of sebum and restore the hair to its natural beauty and lightness.

Ultradelicate with pH 5.5, shampoo is studied and balanced in its formula for frequent cleansing. In fact, when the sebum is produced in excess already after washing, the root appears a stoned, weighed down and shiny, not cured at all. The crown as a whole loses vitality. Requilibre Shampoo Seboequilibrante is designed for a purifying action on the skin, it does not only eliminate excess sebum, rather regularizes its production. It does so thanks to natural extracts with grandiose beneficial properties: first of all Soy and Ginger that make it an anti-inflammatory, antitoxic and vasodilator product to promote the correct microcirculation of the skin, and also antioxidant, moisturizing, protective and restorative to soothe the damage of excess fat produced. The hair is clean, refreshed, purified and light, maintaining these optimal conditions for a long time. The hair in fact from the root performs more vital, full-bodied and voluminous and the weakening of the stem typical of seborroic cuti is just a distant memory.

  • 250ml

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250 ml

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