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ß-Refibre Restitutive Mask 150 ML

Medavita ß-Refibre Restitutive Mask is a reconstructive restorative mask of the hair fiber. Rich compress with a soft and full-bodied texture that intenselyaffects the fiber, covering it with a protectivefilm that, closing its scales, makes the hair more shiny, compact lucido and combable..
Ideal for brat and exploited hair that will regain elasticity, elasticitàtexture and vitality..

VAT included


The hair will be intensely nourished and repaired thanks to the smoothing action on open and damaged scales.


  • Beta-Carotene is a provitamin contained in vegetables, fruits and vegetables, very active against free radicals, with antioxidant, protective and anti-photoaging properties.
  • Amino Concentrée is a complex of essential amino acids with low molecular weight and very high penetration capacity, which performs an immediate treatment action of selective recomposition of the hair fiber.


Evenly distribute enough of your capillary density with a top-down motion.
Leave 2 to 2 toFive minutes.
Then carefully rinse.

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150 ml

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